The DEEDS ARTIST PRIZE winning artwork of the exhibition ZEITENWENDE will receive a non-cash prize in the form of a media value of 8,000 EUR for the publication of the artwork and the artist. This is divided equally (each with a media value of 4,000 EUR) between media services of the Tagespiegel and media services of the art newspaper DEEDS.NEWS – The Art Newspaper from Berlin.


Subject of the arist prize: We publish the winning artwork both in the Tagesspiegel and in the art newspaper DEEDS.NEWS. The design is included. In DEEDS.NEWS there will also be editorial coverage and an artist interview with the winner.


If desired, we will publish a fine art print edition of the winning artwork together with the artist. This will then be available for purchase on in the Editions section.


The Tagesspiegel is the capital's leading medium with national and international coverage. It has also been distributed throughout Germany since the end of 2022. DEEDS.NEWS – The Art Newspaper from Berlin is the art newspaper from Berlin. It is distributed to Berlin's galleries, art museums, cultural institutions and art fairs, among others.


The AGB | Terms + Conditions apply. The legal process is excluded.