In the exhibition ZEITENWENDE, DEEDS.LAB shows artworks
of all genres by international artists, regardless of origin, age and gender, on the social, cultural and artistic turning points of the new millennium.

Opening Part 1 for Gallery Weekend 2023 at CSR.ART – Friedrichstraße 69

27.04. until 21.05.2023 extended until 17.06.2023

Opening Part 2 

New date 

will be announced here soon.


Painting, Drawing, Sculpture, Collage, Photography, Urban Contemporary, Film + Video, Performance, Object, Installation, Digital, Mixed Media, Glas, Light, Sound, Kinetic, Textile


Abstract, Figurative, Realististic, Konstruktivistic, Hyperrealistic, Calligraphic, Pointilistic, Scenic, Surrealitistic, Gestic


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The exhibition “ZEITENWENDE – ZEITEN WENDEN” highlights the importance of change in our society and the role of art in coping with times of change. The group exhibition presents a compilation of artworks from different genres created by artists regardless of origin, age or gender.


Through the different works, from painting to photography to installation and sculpture, the diversity and power of art as a means of expression and reflection of our time is made clear. Each work tells its own story and in its own way conveys a message about change, be it political, ecological, social, overall or very personal.


The concept of “ZEITENWENDE – ZEITEN WENDEN” is of particular topicality and relevance as we are in an era of various transformations. This exhibition offers an opportunity to deepen and broaden our own engagement with the challenges of this time. The artists participating in this exhibition present their unique perspective on the world through their unique artistic expression. Their works challenge us as viewers to question ourselves and discover new ways of seeing.


The exhibition “ZEITENWENDE – ZEITEN WENDEN” invites you to experience the power of art and its significance in times of change, and to immerse yourself in a world of creativity, thinking and reflection.