Saverio Tonoli, Ikon, 2022.


Ikon, 2022
28 x 23 cm
ink and oil on alabaster gesso, resin mounted on metal frame

Saverio Tonoli Fresco Paintings

Saverio Tonoli developed his Fresco paintings gleaning from the traditional fresco wall painting, which he reviewed technically and reinterpreted in a contemporary perspective.
The Frescos’ imagery is inspired by science, everyday life, biographical events and the landscape, rendered in a metaphysical space, where philosophical question, astrophysics, ancient knowledge fuses together

in Kaleidoscope of heterogenous images as well as maintaining an open dialogue with the painting history. As figurative as it may results, Saverio’s Frescos tend to deform reality using certain degree of abstraction and to ground abstraction into the real, or supposed so, world. The use of alabaster plaster as a painting surface allows a hyper polished surface and, through moulding and carving the material, allows also to curve and manipulate its flatness. This results in subtle light effects which convey expressive and conceptual meaning to the image.

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  • ©Saverio Tonoli - Self portrait 2022.
  • Saverio Tonoli, born in Lucca in 1984, Italy, lives and works between Berlin and Taipei. | | 00491636743765
    Solo shows:
    2022 Fondazione Bevilaqua la Masa, Venice,IT.
    2017 Aqui no pinto nada, La Puntual gallery, Barcelona, ES.
    Vakuum Raum, Gallery Eigenheim, Weimar, DE.
    2016 Sotto un cielo minore, curated by Gian Antonio Gilli, Mun ange, Crissolo, IT.
    2015 Zimmer I – Rooted in space, gallery VBK with Wolfgang Siano, Berlin, DE.
    2011 Selbsbildnis, Estatic Project Space, Torino, IT.
    2010 Torniamo coi piedi per aria, curated by Gabriele Tosi ,S. Giorgio Library, Pistoia, IT.
    Group shows: 2023 On House, Milan, IT.
    2022 Đông Chí - a rendezvous, Centec Tower, MoT+++, Saigon, VN. 2020 A.Farm art residency show, Saigon, VN.
    Password 0-1, MoT+++, Saigon, VN.
    Beyond the now away from here, Taipei Dangdai art fair, Wu Chi-Tsung studio, Taipei, TW.
    2019 Milchstrassenverkehrsordnung (Space is the place), Künstlerhaus Bethanien, curated by Christoph
    Tannert, Berlin, DE.
    2018 Babel VII, Babel project space, curated by Carola Uehlken, Berlin, DE.
    Ecstasies Teresa, Alte Münze, Berlin, DE. 2017 Drawing the air, The Blank, Turin, IT.
    Handlungsanweisungen, Gallery Eigenheim, Weimar, DE.
    Weiter so, Kunstraum Potsdam in collaboration with Künstlerhaus Bethanien, curated by Christoph Tannert. Berlin, DE.
    Handlungsanweisungen, Gallery Eigenheim, Berlin, DE.
    The power of Now, Meštrović Pavilion, curated by Paolo Toffolutti, Zagreb, HK.
    2016 Spectrum II - About Paper, Gallery Eigenheim, Berlin, DE.
    2015 Incubarte 7 Art Festival, Sala La Metro, curated by Kasia Nagorska, Valencia, ES.
    Lichtformeln, Galerie 102, Berlin, DE.
    2014 Salon/Saloon - a berliner encounter on painting, curated by S. Tonoli and Plateau gallery, Greenhouse,
    Berlin, DE.
    Ereignishorizont, Dance Music Improvisation with paintings, Tatwerk, Berlin, DE.
    2011 Del povero B.B., GUM project psace, curated by Beniamino Foschini, Carrara, IT.
    2009 Demolition, HBC gallery, Curated by Johannes Schoen, Berlin, DE.
    2007 Tanta e tanta confusione per restare puriartisti, Curated by Roberto Galeotti, Lunapark gallery, Roma, IT.
    Identità Sospese, Curated by Ferdinando Ferrario, Sant’Agostino Monastery, Bergamo, IT. Claustro iconica, Curated by Ferdinando Ferrario, Sant’Agostino Monastery, Bergamo, IT. Giornata del contemporaneo, Curated by Roberto Galeotti, Lunapark gallery, Roma, IT.
    2006 Corpo Urbano, Shortvideo Convention, Curated by Bruno Muzzolini, Palazzo Cominelli, Brescia, IT. 2005 Outofcontrol, Fabbrica Europa, Curated by Matteo Chini, Bruno Muzzolini, Leopolda station, Firenze, IT.
    Videominuto, video event, Luigi Pecci of contemporary art, Prato, IT.
    2020 Ancer Conference 2020 - disruption as opportunity.
    Residency by A.Farm residency, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. 2019 Residency by Wu Chi-Tsung studio, Taipei, Taiwan.
    2017 Residency by Gallery Eigenheim, Weimar, DE.
    The institute of things to come, Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo, workshop curated by Ludovica
    Carbotta and Valerio Del Baglivo, Torino, IT.
    2015 Saverio Tonoli Adamo in Talk with Wolfgang Siano Artists as border crossers - Working with roots,
    Verein Berliner Künstler, Berlin, DE.
    2013 Membra Vagavano - An experiment of liberation of the parts, curated by Gian Antonio Gilli, Torino, IT. 2012 Residency by Pr. Dr. Rainer Crone - ICCARUS project, Long Island, New York, USA.
    2011 Solid Void, with Gian Antonio Gilli and Roberto Cuoghi, curated by Diogene. Torino, IT.
    2010 Solid Void, with Giovanni Morbin and Gian Antonio Gilli, curated by Diogene. Torino, IT.
    2009 Networking, with John duncan & Melissa Pasut, curated by Elisa del Prete, Firenze, IT.
    2019 Milchstrassenverkehrsordnung (Space is the Place), Künstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin, DE. 2018 The End of The New, neo.edizioni, Udine, IT.
    Handlungsanweisungen, edition 2, Galerie Eigenheim, Berlin, DE. 2017 Weiter so, published by Künstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin, DE.
    The Blank contemporary art vol. 1, published by TB Editions, Bergamo, IT.
    2014 Rockscape, selection of 64 ink drawings on paper, artist book, published by CAN Editions,
    2013 Membra Vagavano - An experiment of liberation of the parts, curated by Gian Antonio Gilli, Torino IT. 2012 Post n° 3 Spazio (magazine), ed. Davide Daninos, Mimesis Edizioni, Milano, IT.
    2011 Arcaici specialisti-the texts of Solid Void 2011, Gian Antonio Gilli, Diogene Edizioni, Torino.
    2010 Paesaggio (magazine), ed. Blauer Hase, Venezia, IT.
    L’arte della guerra, ed. Gabriele Tosi, Gli ori editore, Firenze, IT.
    2005/2008 Fine arts academy of Brera, with Alberto Garutti, Milano, IT. 2006 Fine arts academy, Salamanca, ES.
    Work experiences (selection):
    2013/2018 IndependentPhotographerforDance,PerformaceandTheater.
    2008/2013 Assistant and Aesthetic Advisor studio Attilio Maranzano, art photographer.

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