Fabifa, Confidence, 2020


gaffa tape, duct tape, aluminum composite panel, 60x68cm, 2020

The artwork Confidence describes the internal state of the depicted girl boldly looking forward in the hope of conveying a sense of confidence and motivation to the viewer. The bright colors of the artwork convey a positive attitude, and the abstract lines on the right reflect the vibration of the contours of the girl’s face, while the corals at the back symbolize symbiosis with the environment and the calmness of the sea

  • Fabifa
  • Valeryia
  • Losikava
  • artfabifa@gmail.com
  • +4917623604344
  • https://artfabifa.com/
  • https://www.instagram.com/tape_fabifa/
  • Hasenheide, 34
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  • Berlin
  • 10967
  • Germany
  • berlin
  • Born and raised in conservative Belarus, Fabifa discovered a new found freedom when moving to Berlin in 2015. The city‘s open attitude provided a perfect platform for self discovery and reflection which she shows within her art.
    Her body of work captures harmonious moments, aiming to reflect her subject‘s sensations and feelings, in a perspective from which she is in control.
    A further focal point is Fabifa’s aesthetic preference and perception of beauty. We see examples of scarification, tattooing and clear depictions of Fetish elements all of which trigger positive emotional responses within her.
    Fabifa’s material of choice, tape, has powerful connotations to fetish in itself. With it’s shiny, smooth surface it reflects other frequently fetishized materials such as latex or leather. Coupled with her use of sharp, bold shapes and vibrant colors, she visually enhances the way in which she communicates her ideas and perceptions with the viewer.

    Fabifa uses tape art as a political protest, as an expression of her personal and sexual freedom. She sees most of her art as a tool of communication that is supposed to raise awareness to political justice, equality and self-expression.


    “My work brings up social and cultural questions, by examining traditional, popular and subcultures, notions of freedom and how these influence and form society.
    I close the gap between social stereotypes and open new ways for people to perceive different cultures in a globalized world.
    Graphic rawness and clarity of lines are delivered through the properties of tape, my primary medium. My preference to this aesthetic was subconsciously influenced by USSR propaganda art and later in life, in stark contrast, by pop and comic art.
    Ironically the function of tape to ‘stick together‘ or bond lends itself perfectly in combining two opposing sources of inspiration. Essentially, my purpose as an artist is to embody the tape’s characteristic to make bonds and unite different ideas.
    Furthermore my recent color palette has been greatly influenced by Ultraviolet glowing corals and sea creatures in correlation with the urban night life of a modern metropolis.
    Human existence and perception are at the center of my work with the exploration of creating a blueprint of the future human.”

    E-mail: artfabifa@gmail.com
    Web-site: artfabifa.com
    Instagram: @tape_fabifa
    Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/artfabifa/

    Date of Birth: 14/09/1987
    Place of Birth: Minsk, Belarus, USSR
    BILDUNG 2003 – 2007 Minsk State Architectural College Architect, Architecture
    Since 2008 Artist, Illustrator, Freelancer
    Since 2016 tape artist



    11.02-11.05.2023 - “Hidden emotions”, Mora Mora Gallery, solo exhibition, Cancun, Mexico


    26.08-17.11.2022 - “GEKAUFTE LIEBE”, Not a gallery, group exhibition, Berlin
    17.05-21.05.2022 - TAPE ART CONVENTION 2022, group exhibition, Berlin
    01.05-31.09.2022 - GAME OVER 2, group exhibition, Berlin
    20.06-24.06.2022 - Tape art Performance, MELT Festival
    01.07-02.07.2022 - Tape art Performance, NEXT NOW Festival, Berlin
    03.07-05.07.2022 - Tape art Performance, Hoffest, Rotes Rathaus Berlin


    13.06.2021 - Tape art Installation, Alternative Belarussische Botschaft, Berlin
    13.08.2021 - “REFLECT”, group exhibition, FernsehTurm Berlin
    01.10-31.01.2021 - GAME OVER, group exhibition, Berlin


    06.07.2020 - Tape art Performance, Alex TV, Berlin
    21.08.2020 - Tape art Performance, Potsdamer Platz, Berlin
    10.09-19.09.2020 - Tape art Protests, Potsdamer Platz, Berlin
    01.11.2020 - Tape art Performance, Art Hause Rising, Berlin


    19.10.2019 - Tape art Performance, Festival Borschsch, Berlin
    04.10.2019 -06.10.2019 - BERLIN GRAPHIC DAYS - group exhibition, Berlin
    29.09.2019 - Tape art Performance, RAW Festival, Chemnitz
    03.07.2019 - Tape art Performance, Yard5 Festival, Berlin
    16.06.2019 - Tape art Performance, AVA club, Berlin
    29.05.2019 - 02.06.2019 - DUO EXHIBITION with Anne Bengard, Eigengrau, Berlin
    25.05.2019 - Tape art Performance, Anomalie Club, Berlin
    01.05.2019 - Tape art Performance, Kit Kat Club, Berlin
    18.03.2019 - Street Art Festival against racism, Center for Art and Urbanism, Berlin
    16.03.2019 -17.03.2019 - BERLIN GRAPHIC DAYS - group exhibition, Berlin


    01.09.2018 -13.10.2018 - “Monumenta” - group exhibition, Leipzig
    25.08.2018 -27.08.2018 - “Hometown” - group exhibition, Berlin
    07.07.2018 -28.07.2018 - TAPE ART CONVENTION 2018 - group exhibition, Berlin
    05.07.2018 -06.07.2018 - Millerntor Gallery #8 - group exhibition, Hamburg
    18.05.2018 -21.05.2018 - BERLIN MURAL FEST - group exhibition, Berlin
    26.04.2018 -29.04.2018 - WANDELISM 2.0 - group exhibition, Berlin
    25.04.2018 - Tape art Performance on the BVG Bus for RBB and RadioEins, Berlin
    17.03.2018 -31.03.2018 - WANDELISM - group project and exhibition, Berlin
    20.03.2018 — Tape art Performance, Intertraffic Amsterdam 2018
    7.03.2017 — 9.03.2017 — Tape art Performance, ITB Berlin 2018


    11.10.2017 - 27.12.2017 - ARTCADEN - group project and exhibition, Berlin, Germany
    5.10.2017 - Tape art Performance, Street Art Festival, Frankfurt-am-Main, Germany
    30.09.2017 - Tape art Performance, Project Nautilus, Berlin, Germany
    22.09.2017 - 24.09.17 - Candy Shop Graffiti Jam, Aerosol Arena, Magdeburg, Germany
    1.09.2017 - 11.09.2017 - Tape art Performance, Stilbruchfestival, Teufelsberg, Berlin, Germany
    23.08.2017- 27.08.2017 - Exhibition “A-part”, 25 rue de la République, Marseille
    10.08.2017- 13.08.2017 - Art Festival “The Take Over”, Nau Bostik, Barcelona
    22.07.2017 - Tape art Performance, Stickermesse 2017, YAAM Gallery Berlin
    15.07.2017 - Art Jam, Leipzig
    07.07.2017 - Tape art Performance, Street Art Festival, Kempten
    24.06.2017 - Art Jam, Dresden
    19.06.2017 - Tape art Performance, Street Art Festival, Potsdam
    17-18.06.2017 – Art Festival “Murales”, SAGE-Beach, Berlin
    02.06.2017 – Tape art Performance, Street Art Festival, Siegen
    1.04 – 31.05.2017 - THE HAUS - group project and exhibition, Berlin


    25.11 - 26.11.2016 – Art Festival "Ruberoid", gallery ACUD, Berlin
    8.10 - 15.10.2016 – Tape Art Convention 2016 - group exhibition, Berlin.
    5.10 - 6.10.2016 – Street Art Festival, Hamburg
    27.08 - 03.09.2016 – Tape art Performance, Street Art Festival, Berlin
    23.07.2016 – Tape art Performance, Street Art Festival, Hamburg
    16.07.2016 – Festival "Red Bull Flugtag", Zurich
    03.06-05.06.2016 - Festival "Ost-Anders", Nuremberg
    1.04 – 17.04.2016 - SINGLE EXHIBITION "Weissdeutchland", gallery "Berlin Art School", Berlin

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