Anna Mirkin, Pile 03, 2023


Paper collage, 30x23cm

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This new series of collages is part of an ongoing research of two and three dimensionality, and the intersection of the physical and the digital. Anna Mirkin’s work  digitally digests the physical urban landscape and reintroduces it to the viewer in an altered physical form. The process starts with Mirkin 3D scanning physical objects in urban environments to create digital versions of those objects. Secondly, the objects are digitally altered. Finally, the digital objects are reintroduced into the physical realm, as printed paper bent into waves, a physical glitch.

  • Anna Mirkin
  • Anna
  • Mirkin
  • +491784532868
  • Beermannstrase, 6, hinterhof
  • Beermannstr
  • Berlin
  • 12435
  • Germany
  • berlin
  • Anna Mirkin is a multidisciplinary artist focusing on connecting the digital and physical. Working with various media and mixing installation art, textile, found objects, and new media, with participatory and collaborative projects.
    In 2021 Mirkin was selected for the LABA Berlin artist fellowship. Her recent work includes the interactive installation ‘UX’, Neun Kelche gallery, and ‘A Lying Sun’, im Turm Gallery. Both are duo exhibitions created in 2022.
    Her recent work includes ‘Fake Vacation’, a participatory performance project examining the merging of personal experiences with computer generated data (2020). And the installation ‘The internet is watching the sunset 24/7’ dealing with AI surveillance and collection of private data in personal photos and intimate moments (2021).

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